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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

re: UK driving licence

I have just translated a document belonging to a friend from the British consulate with regard to the laws about the licence here in Spain. Not a great translation and still not clear on the registration bit. It says:
 Following the Court of Justice of European Communities 09.09.2004 relapse in Case C195/02, disappeared the obligation to register the license in the Register of the General Directorate of Traffic, which affected permit holders driving licenses issued in any Member State of the European Union six months after the establishment of normal residence in Spain.
Pending the approval of the appropriate amendment to the Regulations on Drivers for information to the citizens of that State, without prejudice to that in takes place via the Internet, is part of the following:
1. The registration of the license is no longer compulsory from the very date of the Judgement (09/09/2004).
2. The registration requirement does not affect all models driving force both in paper and plastic card.
3. From the date of acquisition of normal residence in Spain, driving license holders in Group 1 of Directive 91/439/EEC shall be subject to a Period of validity of 10 years up before reaching age 45, 5 years from that age up until the age of 70, and 2 years after it. Validity periods for Group 2 permits are for 5 years even before reaching 45, 3 years from that age up until the age of 60 and 2 years from this age. In any case, a request for review or extension of validity must include a report of medical fitness issued by a Driver Recognition Center of the province where the person concerned is your home.
4. Drivers who have voluntarily registered their permission, if they have not changed your address or have submitted the changes, if any, will be advised of the expiry of the validity of his license at least one month in advance.

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